News Update in English – Democrats to Start Formal Vote to Impeach Trump

Democrat, through the House Representatives in the United States, is said to start a first formal vote to impeach President Donald Trump this week. The news update in English shows that Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House Representatives says the vote is conducted from now on to process the impeachment of the US president, Donald Trump. 

Considered Invalid

The vote is planned following the statement of President Trump and his supporters that show the impeachment inquiry is invalid due to the lack of vote done by the full chamber renders. The US of the House Representatives is about to investigate the claims made by the US president. Through his claim, Trump urges a foreign government to conduct an investigation on his political rivals. Mrs. Pelosi and the other members of the Democrat party plan the vote on Thursday. However, they say that the vote is not made to impeach Donald Trump. Instead of starting the impeachment process, the vote is aimed to establish ground rules for the inquiry. As the most powerful elected Democrat, Nancy Pelosi is the mastermind behind the vote plan. She has refused calls from rivals, Republicans, to hold the formal vote until today. However, things are changed as revealed by Mrs. Pelosi’s letter to another member of the Democrat party on Monday. The letter shows the California congresswoman makes clear that the constitution of the United States does not need such a step.

Mrs. Pelosi to Eliminate Any Doubt

Nancy Pelosi further states that the formal vote will get rid away any doubt might emerge in the US citizens’ minds. This should be conducted since the White House disregard subpoenas, hide documents, or avoid witnesses to deliver testimony. The resolution made by the Democrat party will also make sure that the move will guarantee transparency as well as obtain a clear path forward. 

Meanwhile, Stephanie Grisham, the press secretary of the White House, states that the vote reveals that Mr. Trump is right about his opinion. It only shows that the vote supports the contention of the US president that Democrats are about to conduct an authorized impeachment proceeding. She further states that Mrs. Pelosi and her fellow Democrats refuse to provide the president with due process and the closed-door deposition of the party is shady, secret, and illegitimate. Several members of the Republican party also convinced that there is a lack of transparency in the process. This is because the hearing is conducted behind the closed-door.